Evaluation and testing for COVID-19:   We are providing thorough and individualized evaluation, testing, and counseling via virtual visits. Using an in-depth approach, we discuss the pros and cons of each available type of COVID-19 test (PCR versus ANTIBODY tests), and then order the most appropriate one

Sports Medicine and Primary Care Services:  We are still offering the full spectrum of sports medicine and primary care services, including virtual and in-office visits (when appropriate) 

Preventative Care: We are offering Virtual Annual Physicals, as well as in-office assessment (when appropriate)

Physical Therapy: We continue to offer the highest level of personalized physical therapy, both virtual and in-office (when appropriate)

Please schedule by logging into the patient portal, or you may schedule online directly here.  Virtual visits for physical therapy must be scheduled by calling 212-366-5100

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Integrative & Alternative Medicine

Integrative & Alternative Medicine

Sports Medicine at Chelsea offers a holistic and “out-of-the-box” approach to the management of illness and health through Integrative Medicine. Integrative medicine is the incorporation of traditional western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine to best address your health concerns.

Dr. Degenhardt is trained in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at the Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanning, China, specializing in acupuncture, and is certified in medical acupuncture through the SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Integrative medicine consultations include a full assessment of your illness and health, including a full dietary, nutritional and activity assessments. The physical examination utilizes both traditional Western and in traditional Chinese methods among other traditions such as homeopathy.

Treatment modalities include: