IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO OUR PATIENTS: Notwithstanding the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we would like to reassure you that Sports Medicine at Chelsea will remain open, and continue to offer our full spectrum of services. Please note that we are taking careful measures to maintain the highest possible safety for our patients, providers, and staff. Therefore, PLEASE CONFIRM YOU HAVE NO FEVER, RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS, OR ANY COVID-19 RELATED CONCERNS BEFORE COMING TO THE OFFICE FOR ANY VISIT.

Please note we are now offering virtual visits (also commonly known as Telemedicine or Telehealth) for all patients who have any COVID-19 related concerns, and for any patients who wish to remain home to address their primary care or sports medicine issues. Please schedule online by logging into the patient portal, or you may schedule directly here. Virtual visits are also available for physical therapy (PT), and must be scheduled by calling 212-366-5100.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are specifically trained in treating sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions by using highly specialized manual techniques, elaborate and individualized therapeutic exercises, and state of the art modalities. They work directly under the supervision of our board certified Sports Medicine physicians.

Due to an ever changing nature of many complex musculoskeletal injuries, the ongoing collaboration between the doctor and the therapist is crucial in maintaining the most effective treatments throughout the rehabilitative course.

Our goal is to help patients regain and maintain an active lifestyle and to enable athletes to compete in their sport at the highest possible level.