Evaluation and testing for COVID-19:   We are providing thorough and individualized evaluation, testing, and counseling via virtual visits. Using an in-depth approach, we discuss the pros and cons of each available type of COVID-19 test (PCR versus ANTIBODY tests), and then order the most appropriate one

Sports Medicine and Primary Care Services:  We are still offering the full spectrum of sports medicine and primary care services, including virtual and in-office visits (when appropriate) 

Preventative Care: We are offering Virtual Annual Physicals, as well as in-office assessment (when appropriate)

Physical Therapy: We continue to offer the highest level of personalized physical therapy, both virtual and in-office (when appropriate)

Please schedule by logging into the patient portal, or you may schedule online directly here.  Virtual visits for physical therapy must be scheduled by calling 212-366-5100

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Success Stories

"I received 2 rounds of PRP on both of my feet (plantar plate tear and a heel tear). I could hardly walk for nearly a year. After the 1st round I was about 60% improved which was huge b/c I was finally able to start to return to exercise activities and decreased limping. A month later I went in for a second round and the recovery was much quicker on this one and I improved again about 20% allowing me to return to running. And now about 1.5 years after the procedure I am running a half marathon. After prolonged running I will still get an achy feeling in my plantar plate tear but not pain. I had on/off injuries and pain for 2 years prior to PRP. This helped me to mostly return to normal. Thank you to Dr. Stark and his team."

Betsy W.

"I want to personally thank Dr. Stark for giving me my life back. I had Plantar Fasciitis for 1.5 years, it was hard for me to even walk to his office my foot was in so much pain, but I'm so glad I did. The Lyftogt Technique really helped. The PF still hasn't completely healed, but I went to many doctors before him and nothing helped as much as Dr. Stark and the Lyftogt."

Marie S.

"Dr. Rao has changed my life. His approach to patient care is unlike anything I've experienced. He looks at things from multiple viewpoints to develop treatment protocol. Before seeing Dr. Rao I lived in constant pain and was a prisoner to back/neck issues. Within a month, I improved so much, I asked Dr. Rao to also be my GP. My pain is now completely managed and I know I'm in fantastic hands. I consider myself very lucky to have met Dr. Rao."

Chris S.

"I hit the jackpot when I found Dr. Stark, I sprained my left knee at work, I'm a federal Correctional Officer and I needed a Dr. who specialized in workers Compensation cases, I was able to see him two days after my injury, which was a miracle these days. the office is very clean, I waited about twenty minutes to see him and his clerical assistant, Lyubava, was extremely professional, she said that the letter for my employer, so that I can return to work , was going to be e-mailed to me at 7pm, I checked my E-mail and it was there at said time, that speaks volumes about her integrity , Dr. Stark was very comforting and engaging, I felt very comfortable in his care, my wife, which accompanied me, also felt that I received great care and a great evaluation, he is a pretty funny guy also. that's a good thing, I have to return for my physical therapy but I am sure it is going to be as seamless as the initial examination. not surprised about the rest of the positive reviews. "

Reynaldo A.

"Dr. Stark acted quickly in a very serious situation for me. I believe I am not paralyzed because of his judgement on how to handle my particular condition. When he sent me for testing at an imaging facility, and my results required immediate hospitalization, Dr. Stark got on the phone with me while I was at the imaging center to direct me to the Emergency Room. In the months following that, and while I was undergoing treatment, I called Dr. Stark's office twice to keep him updated on my progress, and he called me back within a couple of hours each time. He stayed on the phone with me so patiently and with genuine concern, asking me questions and guiding me. I have recommended Dr. Stark to two close friends who needed orthopedic treatment, and have since switched him to my PCP. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, the office staff has been unbelievably helpful in scheduling, giving me referrals and following up."

Danielle A.

"Good Experience...Very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable"

Jim H.

"Dr. Rao is casual (in a good way), professional, and listens well to what you need as a patient. He seems to genuinely care about getting you the best and most comprehensive treatment. "

Joseph F.

"Dr. Rao is fantastic. He has a very calm and inviting energy. He gave me great recommendations on what we can do to further improve my injuries. He was recommended to me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a sports medicine physician. "

Hayley W.

"Great experience!"

Kathryn F.

"Kind, thorough, and helpful. He targeted my pain quickly and knew how to help me."

Ashley M.

"Dr. Degenhardt is awesome!!"

Wai L.

"I had a good exerience. The frontdesk staff was efficient. A PA saw me promtly, was great building rapport, presented the case to the doctor whom saw me and examine me. I was very happy with the experience."

Rafael E.

"The doctor saw me right on time. He was warm and engaging and explained everything to me. I did not at all feel rushed. He Gave me a diagnosis and recovery plan that seems reasonable."

Diana B.

"I've Seen Dr. Degenhardt for a few years now and he has always been excellent. He is always friendly, wise and very personable. Remembers me despite only a few visits a year. He has always given great advice and is the best Doctor I have ever had."

James B.

"Going to a new doctor can be intimidating, but everyone here was incredibly kind and helpful."

Tyler N.

"I made the appointment the day before, and the practice was able to accommodate me. Dr Rao was very pleasant and thorough and knowledgeable. It's the first time I've felt hopeful about feeling some relief from wrist/hand pain. He recommended PT, which is going great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rao!"

Paola M.

"The whole staff from beginning to end were very friendly and helpful!"

Mindy L.

"I've been going to Sports Medicine at Chelsea for almost five years now. I see Dr. Rao for a very complicated injury and the PRP therapy he has done on me has given me pain relief and hope where no one else has. He is both compassionate and good with a needle! There are flexible office hours, short wait times and the front staff is the most friendly and helpful of any doctor I've ever visited. I highly recommend! "

Diana L.

"Everyone very professional and helpful - great experience - am on my way now to a hip and hamstring that don't hurt!!"

Eleanor H.

"Always a pleasure working with Dr. Rao...professional, knowledgable, and efficient!"

Brian R.

"Dr. Degenhardt has all of the qualities that you'd want in your physician - intelligent, deliberate, patient, etc."

Katherine S.

"Dr. Degenhardt is always so thorough and caring. Always a positive experience."

Jenna W.

"Very thorough physician, waiting time was brief, overall great experience."

Alana F.

"Honest and clear breakdown and appraisal of my health status. The staff of everyone there is very friendly and clear. They follow-up right away and are happy to answer every question I've had thus far."

Daniel R.