Travel Health and Tropical Medicine

Travel Health & Tropical Medicine

Sports Medicine at Chelsea offers consultations in travel health & tropical medicine. World travel is an passion for many individuals as people venture the world for pleasure, excitement and business. The itinerary may be hiking up to Machu Picchu or Mount Kilamanjaro; diving into a submerged ship off the coast of Belize or cage-diving with great white sharks in South Africa; camping while on Safari in the Serengeti or jungle-trekking on an elephant in northern Thailand; going on business trip or enrolling in a yoga retreat in India; the possibilities and dreams are limitless.

As Travel health and tropical medicine experts, Sports Medicine at Chelsea prepares you for whatever your itinerary may be, through individualized risk assessment and counseling, as well as required and recommended travel vaccinations. In addition, any illness from worldly travel can be managed by our physicians with expert knowledge in tropical and travel-related illnesses.

Dr. Degenhardt provides comprehensive care for all global travelers as a specialist in travel health and tropical medicine. He received his master’s degree in public health and tropical medicine at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans and is an active member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Travel consultations include:

  1. Preventive travel care – a comprehensive and personalized assessment respecting your travel destinations, vaccinations (tetanus, yellow fever, hepatitis A, typhoid, etc), prophylaxis (malaria, dysentery, altitude sickness, etc) and travel first aid.
  2. Itinerary-specific counseling and management such as High Altitude, Diving and Decompression medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Frost bite, hypothermia & hyperthermia, and other heat- and cold-exposure related conditions.
  3. Acute illness management – a detailed and travel destination-specific assessment and treatment of illnesses acquired during travel.

Sports Medicine at Chelsea is a CDC-designated yellow fever vaccine administration site.