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Integrative Sports Medicine

Integrative Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at Chelsea

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Integrative sports medicine (ISM) is an innovative specialty for the active lifestyle. It is the union of sub-specialty medicine with primary care. A sports-related injury may prompt the visit to the doctor, but future accidents and injuries can be prevented by this integrative approach. Treatment options are expanded, offering osteopathic manipulation, medical acupuncture, physical therapy, and herbal and dietary regimens among others. ISM individualizes every health assessment to maximize your health and activity potential. Prevention of travel and tropical illnesses is addressed for the world traveler. The doctor’s visit is not only for you to feel better from an illness, but also to prevention of illnesses and optimizing your health. The best thing? One practice can address it all.

  • Medical specialty for the active
  • Combine sports, preventive, complementary & alternative, and travel medicine
  • Post-injury care and future injury prevention
  • Optimize your health and activity potential
  • Individualized health assessment
  • Sports-specific biomechanical assessment and individualized treatment
  • Prevention of most illness and injuries, including travel-acquired illnesses
  • Illnesses not isolated to disease process – respect mind-body interaction of personal health
  • Healthy mind for a healthy body
  • Lifestyle assessment – diet/supplements, exercise, sleep, work, stressors
  • Risk stratification
  • “Out-of-the-box” thinking
  • Integrate traditional western medicine with complementary and alternative methods
  • Multiple specialties, one practice

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Below is a list of the insurance providers that our practice accepts.  Please call our office if you have any questions.

  Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Allegiance Life and Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
CBA Blue
GWH-Cigna (formerly Great West Healthcare)
Independence Blue Cross
Multiplan PHCS
Oxford (UnitedHealthcare)
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